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Frequently Asked Questions




Can I take band as an elective?


 Yes.  All band students coming to Leto that have been members of their Middle School Band are encouraged to continue with their music experience.  Studies have shown that students who participate in music related courses generally score higher on the SAT and ACT than non-musicians.  Band should be a continuation of what was learned at the Middle School level.  Without these trained musicians, there is no High School Band and music will end.


Is it possible to have two music electives?


Yes.  Other music courses suggested for Band members are Jazz Band, Choir, or Eurhythmics.  It is our policy that Jazz participants are first and foremost members of one of the concert ensembles.  In other words, you cannot just be in Jazz Ensemble alone.  


Does participating in a sport prevent me from joining band?

No.  Band is a class that earns an elective credit toward graduation and meets on a daily basis.  Only varsity football conflicts directly with the Marching Band season.  Many band students participate in other school sport activities having very little to no conflict with band activities. When they do occur, we find a way to make it work out.


Do I have to participate in the Marching Band?


Yes.  Marching Band is a part of the class curriculum.  The Leto program has gone to great lengths to keep obligations for Marching Band to a minimum.  Marching Band only lasts for 3 months, up to and including the required Marching Band Evaluation, held during the first week in November.  Only two nights a week is used to prepare the Band for performance, with additional rehearsals kept to a minimum.  The Marching Band is only a small part of the big picture that makes up the Leto Music Program, but it is an important part.


Do I have to audition to become a member?


No.  Auditions will only be held for placement within the the band classes  Anyone at all, from the most advanced to absolute beginners is welcome to join the band.

How are grades determined in Band?

Band grades are based on your class participation, outside of school rehearsals and performances, playing quizzes, and any written quizzes that may pop up from time to time.  Rehearsals are like your homework assignment in any other class, and the performances are the exam.  Extra credit opportunities are also available at any non required musical performance. 

Can we rent instruments?


 Yes.  The Leto Music Program offers several of the large instruments and marching band instruments for the rate of $43.40 a year. These instruments include: All Percussion instruments, Trumpets, French Horns, Euphoniums, Trombones, Bassoons, Bb Clarinets, Alto & Bass Clarinets, Tubas, Sousaphones, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones, Oboes, and English Horns, and Marching Baritones.  A few specialty instruments are also available.


What is the difference between middle school and high school band?


 There are many differences between middle school and high school band.  You have spent the last two or three years learning how to play an instrument and working together as a group.  High School Band now gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and share your talent with a wider range of audiences.  You will learn and experience a larger range of music literature.  All of these experiences are not just to train future music teachers, but to provide you with skills that can be used not only during your four years in High School, but in college and later on in life.

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